Membership Process of Bangabandhu Ain Chattra Parishadh

. Types of Participation

There are two types of participants in the FIRST:

FIRST Full Members, and

The selection and responsibilities of each type of participant are described in this framework. Throughout this framework "participant" is used when a regulation is valid for Full Members and Liaisons.
1.1. Full Members A FIRST Full Member is a team of at least two individuals. Every Full Member is represented by a FIRST representative (see 2.2.1).
1.2. Liaisons Individuals can participate in FIRST by applying for the Liaison membership.

2. Membership Processes
2.1. Nomination Acceptance Procedures
New Full Members of FIRST must be nominated by two existing Full Members. New Liaisons must be nominated by one existing Full Member. The nominating Full Members are then called "sponsors".

2.1.1. Approval Rules
< Each nomination has to be approved by a 2/3 vote of all members of the Board of Directors and the nominee must pay the initial membership fee upon Board of Directors approval for membership.
After approval by the BD and payment of the initial membership fee the applying participant's status is changed from "applying" (cf. 2.1.3.) to "confirmed" (cf. 2.2.2.).
2.1.2. Mandatory Information
A proposed new FIRST participant must provide the following information in support of its nomination:
The name or identification of the group, organization, or individual
Reasons for joining the FIRST
Benefits to the FIRST of nominee's participation
All information required by the membership process, as laid out in 2.2. and Appendix A or Appendix B.

2.1.3. Application Process
To start the process of FIRST application, the applying participant and their sponsor(s) should inform FIRST Secretariat Services (FSS) that they want to join FIRST. This starts a 6 month period which is the timeframe for the application to be successful. If the application isn't successful within that time, the process has to be started again. The applying participant will be added to the list of FIRST participants on the participant-restricted part of the FIRST website with a status of "applying". If the application isn't successful, the applying participant is removed from that list.
FSS will inform the Membership Committee (MC) and the Board of Directors (BD) about new applications, as well as all FIRST participants, after an applying participant has been added to list of FIRST participants on the FIRST website.
For applying new Full Members a site visit is mandatory. By a 2/3 vote of the MC and the BD the site visit can be omitted, if requested by both sponsors.

2.1.4. Site visit
The site visit is an essential part of the application. Among other questions at least the following topics should be covered:

Get to know all team members (and not only the First Representative).
Get to know the management.
Validate incident response plans or procedures, i.e. ensure that those exist and are in practice.
Logical and physical controls for handling of incident data and communications. This includes physical security as well as policies for information handling, etc.