Cox's Bazar Laboratory School

Activities 1 : Early life:
Born on September 28, 1947 at Tungipara in Gopalganj district, Sheikh Hasina was the eldest of five children of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Bangamata Begum Fazilatunnesa. In 1968, Hasina was married to eminent nuclear scientist M Wazed Miah. Together they have one son and a daughter. She graduated from Dhaka University in 1973. Read More

Activities 2 :Early Political Career:
Sheikh Hasina was elected as the Vice President of the Student's Union of Eden Girls College. She was a member of Chattra League of Dhaka University and Secretary of the Chattra League unit in Rokeya Hall. She was also the President of Eden Intermediate Girls College Chattra League. Sheikh Hasina actively participated in the mass upsurge of 1969. Read More

Activities 2A :Assassination of the family:
On 15th August, 1975, Sheikh Hasina’s whole family was brutally assassinated by a group of wayward army officers. She and her sister survived the conspiracy while she was on a visit to West Germany.

Activities 2B :Forced exile:
Sheikh Hasina was forced to live in exile while restrictions were put on her return home by the then government. She was elected as the President of Awami League while in exile. On 17th May, 1981, she returned to the country with a tumultuous welcome from millions of people. Read More

Activities 3 :Struggle and confinement (1982-1985):
After returning from exile, Sheikh Hasina raised her voice against military rule in 1982. She puts tremendous pressure on Ershad’s regime to end martial law and hold free and fair elections. In 1983, Sheikh Hasina formed a 15 party alliance from which grew a powerful student movement protesting against the military government. On February 14, 1983 the army entered the Dhaka University campus and fired bullets and used batons to quell the agitating students. On February 15, as she protested the inhuman act through organising a peaceful rally at the Shahid Minar, Sheikh Hasina was arrested and taken blindfolded to Dhaka cantonment along with her associates. She was kept incommunicado for 15 days. In 1984 she was put under house arrest in February and again in November. In March 1985, she was put under house arrest for three months at a stretch. Read More

Activities 3A :Election of 1986:
On March 26, 1986, Sheikh Hasina declared the participation in the election held by Ershad regime. Sheikh Hasina became Leader of the Opposition in Parliament commanding the support of 104 elected MPs belonging to her party and alliance. She forced the treasury bench to withdraw a number of bills which went against the fundamental rights of the people. Read More

Activities 9 :Rebirth of Democracy, election of 2008:
Awami league came into power again with peoples mandate at the end of 2008. With a landslide victory, Awami League president Sheikh Hasina became Prime Minister of Bangladesh for the second time. Domestic and international observers declared this election as a free, fair and credible election. Read More