AT A GLANCE : Cox's Bazar Laboratory School

Cox's Bazar Laboratory School caters for all your needs, whether they be academic, sporting, musical or spiritual.


“to prepare each of its students for college and for life in a global environment”


WELLBEING The most important thing in leading from the front in education is to have the wellbeing of your students at heart. This wellbeing priority informs every decision we make at Coxsbazar Laboratory School as we believe education for life not only develops academic skills and attributes, but emotional and physical ones as well. Learning and wellbeing go hand in hand, and students with a strong sense of wellbeing are engaged, productive, focussed and happy learners.

Our WAVES priorities also challenge us to be enterprising. When teachers rise boldly to take up this challenge, ideas flourish, exciting connections are made, staff and students collaborate, and remarkable things happen for students.

Every adult at our School shares responsibility for the welfare of our students. At the day to day level, we have a dedicated team of Home Group Teachers and Activity Tutors who are always the first point of contact for our students and their parents.

Together they work closely with the School leadership team to support students’ academic and personal wellbeing needs. Our extensive wellbeing program includes a whole school approach to Mindfulness and encourages positive education, leadership and service.

In addition, we also have a highly qualified team of health professionals, educational specialists and support staff who provide a range of wellbeing and pastoral care services to our students and their families.

In 2029, we introduced a Journal, our Wellbeing Journals - Student Journals - for every Students at Coxsbazar Laboratory School . It is a real-life example of enterprise in action, of staff and students working together and of great passion for learning and for life.